Paranormal Investigation Case Book

Paranormal investigations are rough to begin with. First, you must make sure you have your equipment and make sure it is working. Next, you must assign roles to each team member and remember who did what. Finally, you write stuff in a notebook but don’t remember where the readings came from or what voices you heard in what room. Oh, let’s not forget about packing the stuff and remembering where all the equipment was stationed at. This case book will help you keep track of everything.

  • Equipment Checklist
  • Team Member roster
  • Roles team members are in
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Inside and outside investigation logs
  • Notes
  • …and more

Get yours today.

One thought on “Paranormal Investigation Case Book

  1. I have my equipment ready and it’s been going like a well oiled machine for years now!! I am a Sasquatch researcher from the northwest suburbs Who has been investigating the north central Illinois and northwest region as well. I am currently trying to reform a new team and if anybody is serious and interested please drop me a line or if you had any sightings or other experiences with this nature please feel free to contact me!! serious people only! My job on the team is tracker medic and BS meter ““

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