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Taylorville, IL orb Video.

Taylorville, IL EVP Clip


2 thoughts on “CCGHS

  1. There has been some weird shit going on in this house that I recently remodeled and moved into. The neighbors told us it is haunted.

    1. We already talked through the email the other night. I can give your phone number to my friend that used to live there. That is when we investigated it. I removed your address from you comment so people did not find out where you live. There is something there. I could not get far with it. But what I do know is some owners bought it and did not live there long, I do not think it was even a year, they went to Springfield, the home went into foreclose and bought and rented out. My friend rented it. Her and her children along with a dog. I remember her telling me that you could here the back door open and someone going down stairs to the basement or up the few stairs to the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets would open and close. When her, her boyfriend at the time, the dog and myself were listening to audio type for and EVP. Who ever had the tape recorder the dog would not go to while it was playing. The one we did get the was stood out said ” I didn’t mean to make you scream help. “. It had to do with me going to the bathroom and the dowsing rods crossed and I yell, “Trish, Help. bring the camera.” when ever the dowsing rods crossed we took a picture. The phone you used to text me on 4/7/2013. If you want I can give it to my friend, she could tell you more because she lived it. My husband did go into a meditative state and he got punched in his side and had to be carried out. If your family remolded it, did you find anything?

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