Palmer, IL: Witch’s Bridge

Palmer, IL: Witch’s Bridge

Supposedly in the 1800s, a woman was hung off the side of this bridge for being a witch. Since then, it is said that if you stop on the bridge late at night, you will hear footsteps. Also, it is reported that if you look out your review mirror, you see her hanging. If you stay too long, it might take a minute to restart your car. Also, strange lights flicker over the creek below.

Also, it is said that if you walk across it, you have brought bad luck upon yourself, and a girl was hung out there on that bridge. Supposedly, the man who killed his family in Stone Cabin hung himself on the bridge.


According to Haunting the Prairie by Michael Kleen: Mentions a girl or a witch was hung there. Also, about the mysterious lights below the bridge.

Per Dangerous Roads: This truss bridge over Bear Creek is 31.69m (104ft) long. The road over the bridge is paved. It’s called E 990 North Road. Located not too far from Anderson Cemetery, this bridge, which is said to be haunted, was built in 1916. Supposedly in the 1800s, a woman was hung for being a witch. With this information, as spotted by a commenter, Mike, it is impossible to hang a witch from the bridge in the 1800s with the bridge being built in 1916. With this knowledge, could the witch be hung by a tree where the bridge was built and was torn down, or is the tree still there but near the bridge?

Found this on YouTube by Soul Searching

July 27, 2022, HAUNTED EXPLORING … The spooky Witch’s Bridge in Christian, CO, Illinois, is haunted by a witch, a zombie dog, a murderous man, and an unknown girl. It is a place of dark rituals, bad luck, and where your car won’t start. While standing on this remote bridge, I could hear disembodied voices in real-time..

15 thoughts on “Palmer, IL: Witch’s Bridge

  1. ok listen i live in palmer and the stonecabin is not haunted and neather is this bridge but andersons cemetary is

    1. I went to witches bridge and didn’t see anything in person. However, in the photos I took there were lines in the photos like it was messing with my camera and you can see a pair of eyes peeking behind the pole. I’m thinking this was the demon cat people keep mentioning. Also we took two cars out there and we both heard tapping on our cars and it was only snowing on the back end of my car, not the front windshield or my friends car parked directly behind us. I thought I’d just share this for anyone Interested

      1. Me and a friend went out there just yesterterday.We started taken pictures before the bridge along the creek and trees.Right away my I thought my lens was steamed up cause picture was all cloudy an very colorfull so wiped it off.Next pics still before the bridge there still was a fog in front of some of the trees an also some hugh orbs that were gold,green, white,yellow.Also after leaving the bridge we stopped to wait for a fog that was suppos to cross the road an I thought this row of tees looked odd so took pics and it looked like tons of sets of eyes then in the next picture looked as tho they all were spirits leaving the trees …awesome cant wait to go back…but the police officer wasnt to happy we were there,and thats another story.

  2. umm mrs samson you are entirely wrong im from palmer read my comment on the stone cabin and you willl know the truth great grandaughter of kennth mose stockon and flora leah rash and acctualy i might be related to you so there

  3. My father used to own a property which ended just a mile or so from this witch’s bridge, and I tell you, it is not nearly as scary nor haunted as they say it is, nor is the stone cabin, I’ve been there as well, also, i recently ventured to anderson cemetery and was almost arrested, but did not see a damn thing, it was about midnight, and I saw absolutely nothing there, however, I did once live in a house that was used to nurse patients of a disease that was known as the white plague in Taylorville, it was burned down, then remodeled, it is now an apartment, and that place, I can assure you, is very haunted, I’ve seen people, heard voices, been locked out of rooms, in one instance I even watched a shadowy figure walk in my front door, my best friend, assuming it was my stepdad, tried to walk in and found the door locked and the house empty, so don’t say I’m just a skeptic, I believe, but these places are simply small town sh*t talk to keep us occupied from our otherwise dull lives, I know, I’m nearly twenty and have lived there eighteen of my years, thanks for reading, though I’m sure nobody cares.

  4. I spent the majority of my youth visiting Stone Cabin and Anderson Cemetery both. I have been chased by the ghost car, seen mysterious handprints on the car window, heard and seen things that I nor any of my friends could otherwise explain, and I can tell you all for sure: Both locations are haunted. Just because YOU have seen nothing, does not necessarily mean that no one else has.

  5. I went out there a bunch before i moved back to kansas and was told a bunch of things like you’d end up with scratches walking in the cemetery … never happened… if you stopped your car on the bridge you’d hear her feet scrape the top… never happened and if you turned your car off on the bridge it would be hard to turn on which also failed but on my back windshield there was a big x that was made somehow and other finger and marks that were made on the outside of my vehicle that popped up after it foggedand we got back to town to get pizza so there is entities out there iI agree highly to that

  6. I went there early this morning 2-6-16 around 12 am with a group of people and when we went through it there was banging on top of the car and on the side. Two of us had scratches all over our lower backs and the other person with us had marks on her face. So there for witches bridge is haunted

  7. How could a witch have been hung off the side of the bridge in the 1800’s when the bridge was built in 1916? Swing and a miss, but nice try.

    1. That is the thing about rumors. Most of the time, they are not true. If, I say IF, there was a witch hung there, it would be from a tree. Maybe a tree that was once there before the bridge and was torn down in the making of the bridge or is still there but near the bridge.

      Rumors, myths, and legends found around the net.

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