Palmer, IL: Stone Cabin

Palmer, IL: Stone Cabin

Not tofar from Anderson Cemetery there was a stone cabin that was said to have figures that appeared in it. It was said that a man, wife and there kids lived in the cabin. One day the man killed his family then hung himself on the bridge near by. It is was also said that you would have seen a dead dog and it was sitting at the front entrance of the building but only it’s head. It was also reported that if you went into the back room of the cabin no matter how cold it is it became very warm. Warning if caught trespassing you could get arrested. The stone cabin has been torn down and has been relocated.


According to Legends and Lore of Illinois: By the Fallen- Stone Cabin is also called Rober’s Court.


According to Haunting the Prairie by Michael Kleen: It is also call Robber’s Court.  He even mentions a zombie dog guarding the place. And that it was a home of murdering thieves.

6 thoughts on “Palmer, IL: Stone Cabin

  1. hello my name is ashley basil i grew up around palmer half my life you want the real story here it is back in the late 1800s there lived a women named maggie and her son and daughter she had sent her daughter off to pick apples in the woods where the cemetary stands today her daughter didnt come abck for quite some time so she sent her son to look for him but he didnt come back either there had been some hunters in the woods and they had the killed the little boy and girl paul and gracie are their names( and i will telll you why i know that in a minute) so maggie was beggining to get worried then here came the hunters to her house which is stone cabin of course and they took her to the bridge and hung her that is why whenever you go on the bridge honk your horn three times flash your headlights twice your supposed to see her swing donw from the top of the bridge after that you get chased by the phantom car i have a connetion to anderson cemtary i have been out there many nights seen many spooky things and the reason i know their names is because one night i saw gracie and paul playing by a grave that said gracie and paul and next to it read stone cabin murder so yeah there you go when i was little i made freguent visits to the cemtary i remeber on easter being there and seeing this little girl in a white dress with braids in her hair and a red apron her hair was a golden blonde she had the purest skin like butter i rember me and her playing then ehr dissapearing behind a tomstone and not seeing her again as a teenager i have made frequent visits to anderson not while under the influence but sober i have seen red eyes and been chased by strange things i have a supernatural connection becasue i always go back i which to investagate anderson cemetary one night but i wish peopel who dont know a sdamm thing like supernaturalists would leave our tone cemetary alone these people are at peace dont be out here snooping around with your camera and reporting it on the news and theres nothing wrong with teenagers hanging out at anderson teenagers will always do it we tend to wonder the truth sincerly ashley basil great granduaghter of flora leah rash and kenneth mose stockon

  2. I spent the majority of my youth visiting Stone Cabin and Anderson Cemetery both. I have been chased by the ghost car, seen mysterious handprints on the car window, heard and seen things that I nor any of my friends could otherwise explain, and I can tell you all for sure: Both locations are haunted. Just because YOU have seen nothing, does not necessarily mean that no one else has.

  3. i have also grew up in Palmer Illinois and both my great grandparents and both of my great uncles are buried out there, all my life visiting the cemetery and the stone cabin….before it was torn down, i have seen or heard NOTHING! I continue to not see anything going on. It is just simply an old urban legend that has been going on for many years, Hell! Even before my great grandmother was born there was never anything going on in Palmer, and she was 91 years old. Her whole life she never saw anything. The cabins gone, the bridge is torn down, and the cemetery is just a peaceful resting place for the love ones in the area. Due to all these stories, there has been vandalism to Anderson Cemetery, graves have been knocked over and some of the ancient ones in the old part of the grave yard are so damaged they are in pieces! The stories will continue, but lets have a little bit more respect.

    1. Amen brother my grandma and grandpa few uncles and aunts are buried there! Why is there so much disrespect in this world to destroy tomb stones,never have seen or heard
      anything there either! REST IN PIECE!!

      1. I was told by my father in the early 70’s when we drove by it, that the county built it. It was for the kids to have a camping shelter while fishing the nearby creek and hunting in the timber. I don’t know if it ever had glass windows but there were bars on them. They probably was on them to keep big critters out and large debris out when the bottoms flooded. It had a fire place in it and off to the side was a small closet room for storing fire wood and such. The back corner of the cabin, including the closet area was built into the hill. I don’t know if they pushed dirt onto it on purpose or if it happened naturally. Everything was stone and concrete, including the floors and flat roof. The only exception was the metal bars. I was told a county deputy bought it from the county and made it private property. Is any of this true or not?

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