Sending in your sightings

As you can see by the site, we post paranormal, UFO, mysterious creatures, religious, pretty much everything unusual, unique, weird, unknown, and scary to us and others. Plus, you’ll notice we also post where the information came from. By displaying the link to the original info or citing what book it came from, even posting the person who sent in their story with their email address so others with similar stories in the same area can connect to each other.

Stories must be about the history/currently happening of

Christian County, Bureau County, and LaSalle County, Illinois.

Real sightings, no fakes.
If you want to write fake ones, head over to Coffee House Writers and apply to become a writer.

Use the form below

Yes, you can submit sightings from other counties close to these.

1st. Make sure there is not one started. This way you can add to it. An example would be if you saw something at Anderson Cemetery in Palmer, IL. Search to see if Anderson Cemetery is already in our database, and if so, share your sighting by selecting the comment button.

2nd. If you see that your story location (like what is mentioned in the 1st statement) is not in our database, then email it with the town’s name that your sighting took place.


All information on this website was submitted, researched, and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted.
If there are any inaccuracies please let us know by using the form below or comment on the post.