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Taylorville, IL- Oak Hill Cemetery

It is said that a tombstone which contains a sone ball , which weighs serveral hundred pounds, set in a granite base. It is said the stone had supposedly been sealed to its base. Mysteriously moves on its own.

Source: Troy Taylor’s Haunted Illinois Book

It is rumored that you can here the spirits of  children playing in the cemetery. –Submitted by unknown.


2 thoughts on “Taylorville, IL- Oak Hill Cemetery

  1. ashley basil says:

    there used to be a witches chair that sat there in the cemtary a real live withc was burned in it people took it out of the cemtary though because everybody kept coming to the cemtary to sit in it becasue it is siad if you sit in it you will die in seven years my mom and six others are the only ones that didnt die but 25 people did after they sat in it in mysterios bizzare deaths

  2. Can you tell me more about the chair ? My Aunt Essie Foster was buried there in 1940. Her mother was the daughter of Chief Joseph, Nez Perce .
    I am wondering if there is any other hauntings ? Spirits that are not resting ? Thanks .

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