Chasing Shadows: Book signing

TAYLORVILLE — For those who enjoy reading about ghost, hauntings and true life encounters with the unexplained, local author and paranormal investigator Larry Wilson will be holding a book signing at Dana's Book Exchange 109 W Main Cross in Taylorville, from 10 am -12 noon Saturday March 24, 2012. Do UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts stalk … Continue reading Chasing Shadows: Book signing

Devil Worshipping Cult in Edinburg, IL

Associated Press news release. Rumors of animal sacrifices. Town meeting with local sheriff. High school teens are accused of being in a "Devil worshipping cult.  Edinburg, Christian County, IL Sept. 22, 1984 Source:  "Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, September 23, 1984 Page AS Central Illinois. Devil cult rumors have town talking EDINBURG (AP) Devil worship might … Continue reading Devil Worshipping Cult in Edinburg, IL