Taylorville, IL: UFO Sightings

Taylorville, IL: UFO Sightings

April 9th, 1897-a airship was seen in Taylorville by Mrs. W.E. Andrews. I-Files By Jay Rath

7/15/1983: Shape: Disk;Duration:1-2 minutes;


While laying in bed watching the “Honeymooners” I began to hear a low-pitched humming noise that gradually grew louder. It was late, probably around 2200 hours. I sat up and opened the blinds to take a look. Hovering outside at a height of around 10 meters was a saucer shaped craft of metallic construction. The total distance waway from my window was only about 50 feet. Encircling the outer edges of the craft were a series of lights, red, green, and blue. The lights created a soft glow about the craft, which was approximately 30 feet or so in diameter and rotated slowly as it hovered in place. The craft’s hull seemed to have a bluish hue with a silver base color. The height of the craft was approximately 8-10 feet at the center, possibly a touch more. We lived on an old one-block dead end with only a few other homes on the street. Behind the craft was simply our next door neighbor’s one story house, with a large pine tree off to the right and our garage off to the left. No other major lights were present (a couple street lights were on) and the sky was clear. The humming noise given off by the craft continued to pulsate throughout the encounter.

I watched for 1-2 minutes and then ran to my mothers room to get a camera, almost falling over the kitchen table. She told me it must be a helicopter or something and I persisted to tell her that it was no helicopter. I couldn’t find a camera so I sprinted back to get another look, but the craft had already begun to fly away. The last I could see of it was as it flew at a good distance behind the large pine tree in our yard (it faded behind it).

Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/022/S22134.html

11/16/1999 -Shape: Light;Duration:30 seconds;

A bright burning light or fireball traveling North to South, that gradually disappeared.

I and my 3 daughters witnessed a bright light that appeared to burn as it entered the atmosphere. It descended gradually, running North to South, as it descended it seemed to get dimmer as it neared the surface. It seemed to burn out and break up into a trail of 3 small dot that then disappeared

Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/011/S11013.html

3/28/2001 -Shape: Triangle; Duration:Night time;

It was happened fast, it made my house shake, and I looked out the window and I saw a triangular-shaped object with lights on it.

Well, it happened at around 10 P.M., when I was in my bedroom on the computer. I’m sitting here talking to my friends, yaddy yaddy ya, you know havin a good time. All of a sudden, I feel a sudden vibrant movement of the house, I don’t hesitate to think what the hell is going on, I quickly dart for the window, and right when I look out, to my own suprise, I see this triangular-shaped object just traveling in a straight line in what looked like 150 mph. This triangular object also had lights on the bottom of it. and red lights in the back of it. It wasn’t flat, it was 3-demensional. It made a huge roaring noise. Right when I lossed sight of it, I could still see it, hovering, just sitting in mid air, all I could see at this time were the lights though. And all of a sudden, it vanished, and that was the last I have seen it. This is definetly no plane, helicopter, military base test flight, or anything else normal. It is the wierdest thing I have ever seen in my life and I’m still shocked over it. I think this is something that definetly needs to be reasearched or investigated.

Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/016/S16974.html

7/14/2002-Shape: Circle;Duration:1-2 min;

bright, white circular light

Iridium flare? Just after midnight a bright white light appeared in the sky, travelling steadily east to west. It was circular in shape and about as big as a dime held at arms length. It appeared to wobble slightly in its’ path, but this may have been an optical illusion because of the flaring effect of the light. It was difficult to judge the altitude because it was all out of proportion to the normal things you see in the sky. There was no sound and it just disappeared beyond the trees. None of us had ever seen anything like this before and I have spent many an hour with my telescope ‘star gazing’ and consider myself fairly knowledgeable about astronomy. However, I had never heard of iridium flares before- might this explain what we saw? It did not appear to be as high in the sky as satellites are though. Are iridium flares that big? There is a small airport nearby, but it is a daytime only operation.

Source; http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/023/S23831.html

9/21/2002 – Shape: Light; Duration:15-20minutes;

We were traveling west just outside of Assumption, IL going towards Taylorville IL. Myself,my daughter, my neighbor,her stepson and my grandson. Our ages range from 8 to 49. Our husbands were in the truck just ahead of us. I first noticed what I thought was a large bright star in the lower sky right in front of us. It didn’t move.

the sun had just gone down behind the tree line, but it wasn’t dark yet. I thought it was a star, but I started seeing more. Up to 7 at one time. I then mentioned it to the others, and we called our husbands on the cell phone. They had been watching to. They were very bright silver and moved after a few minutes and then appeared to have a tail. We stopped and took a picture, not developed yet. There was alot of traffic on this same road so I know others seen them. I found no news reports so we were very courious to hear any information on this. After they were gone we seen a dark colored helocopter flying in the area. Its hard to judge the distance but we guessed them to be over the Springfield,IL area. These were not airplanes because they sat in one place to long and then changed formation and stayed there.

Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/025/S25211.html

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