UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 8-9-2007

Date of sighting: Aug 9, 2007, approximately 11 PM While standing outside facing south and looking up at the sky, I heard a loud roar over my right shoulder and turned to look. Out of nowhere, a triangle-shaped object appeared, and at the same time, the roar stopped. The object was completely silent for the … Continue reading UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 8-9-2007

UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 11-8-2007

Date of sighting: Aug 11, 2007, approximately 9 PM While standing outside on my back deck facing north, I noticed a cluster of round, white lights north/northeast of my position. From an outstretched arm, a dime would have easily covered it twice over. There were many lights in the cluster of varying sizes, perhaps dozens, … Continue reading UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 11-8-2007