UFO – Tiskilwa, IL – 9-22-2010

“Between 8 and 9 pm on September 22, 2010, I went outside and noticed a very bright red pulsating light in the southwest, about 6 to 8 inches above the horizon, which I thought could have been a planet as it was so bright (after checking with an amateur astronomer friend, it could not have been Mars, which I initially thought it was).

The moon is full tonight, with not many stars out, and Jupiter is plainly visible below and slightly to the right of the moon, as expected. When I went outside again at 10 pm, the light had moved slightly eastward and upward at least half again its prior height above the horizon, and no longer appeared as a bright red color; it was rather white in aspect. I ran inside for my binoculars and camera, and when I came back outside, it was moving in an east/northeast direction. The height relative to the horizon seemed to increase as it moved, likely because it was passing by my position.

When viewed through the binoculars, it was a grouping of three lights, 2 red and one white, which did not blink but remained constant. The two red lights were forward as it moved, with the white light trailing behind. I could not make out any shape corresponding to the lights.

I am not sure whether its true altitude had changed as it passed from southwest of me to east/northeast of my position. There were no planes in the sky, and the speed of the three lights was indeterminate, neither slow nor fast. There was nothing to compare it to.

I tried to take pictures (Sony cyber-shot 14.1 on twilight setting). However, it was not possible to see through the viewfinder; I could only point and shoot. The only one that I got is attached, but it does not clearly represent what I had seen through the binoculars. Not sure if it is related, but my dog was most eager to go outside during this time (actually, he was the reason I was out there), and since the lights moved away, he has been content to remain indoors.”

Via Mufon.

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