UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 11-8-2007

Date of sighting: Aug 11, 2007, approximately 9 PM

While standing outside on my back deck facing north, I noticed a cluster of round, white lights north/northeast of my position. From an outstretched arm, a dime would have easily covered it twice over. There were many lights in the cluster of varying sizes, perhaps dozens, but I could not determine an exact number. The cluster was very far away on the horizontal, perhaps hundreds of miles, and seemed very high in the sky and if you held your arm out at a 45-degree angle, it was higher.

From this cluster, smaller round lights would shoot out in varying directions, from my position, mostly east and west, and in horizontal or slightly downward trajectories. At least 9 smaller lights came from the cluster. These moving lights could be seen traveling for distances of sometimes 3 times the size of the cluster, sometimes up to 6 times the size, then vanish.

The lights of the cluster and those moving from it were significantly different than the airplanes, which were also present in the sky – the planes were much lower in altitude than the cluster, much closer to my position, and had running lights on.

The sky was slightly dark and getting darker; the stars were beginning to come out and were well out by the end of my viewing.

I watched it for at least 20 minutes, and then I went inside. After about an hour, I went outside again, and it was gone. I did not think it was a star or satellite, and the position was not one in which planets appear. I do not think it was a constellation, as the round lights of the cluster were so close together, and because of the smaller round lights ejected from it. The round lights of both the cluster and those that were moving were slightly dimmer than the brightest surrounding stars, and did not twinkle, but maintained their appearance throughout

Via Mufon.

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