UFO – Tiskilwa, IL 8-9-2007

Date of sighting: Aug 9, 2007, approximately 11 PM

While standing outside facing south and looking up at the sky, I heard a loud roar over my right shoulder and turned to look. Out of nowhere, a triangle-shaped object appeared, and at the same time, the roar stopped. The object was completely silent for the duration of the sighting. It passed over a tree which was west of me by about 40 feet and north of me about 50 feet, and it cleared the 60-foot tree by about 30 feet. The sky was dark, though not black, and airplanes (with running lights on) could be easily seen flying at high altitudes. There were no planes at low altitudes.

The object’s shape was in a triangle. The object was solid, as it had an outline and blocked out the stars behind it. It was very dark, with each point of the triangle having a rather dim white light, and in the center was a blinking red light. These lights turned off for a period of perhaps a minute, starting when it was about 60 or 70 feet south of the tree it had passed over, and just after I had moved my position to be almost directly under the object. The size of the object seemed to be about 25 to 30 feet long from the front point to the back, and the dimension across the back, as seen later, seemed to be somewhat shorter.

It traveled very slowly (a human could have outrun it) on an even horizontal altitude toward the south/southwest, over pastures, a road, and then a bean-field, for about a mile before I lost sight of it. I believe I may have lost sight of it due to the terrain, as there is an upward slope to the land. As it passed over the bean-field, I noted that the back end of the triangle seemed to be less than 10 feet high, and completely but dimly lit with white light. A few times, the land below and to its left glowed with a soft white diffused light. The sky above the illuminated land was also lighter than the sky above the object, but only up to the height of the object. My view was unobstructed during its path except for a few moments when 2 or 3 trees got in the way. It did not pass in front of or behind these trees; merely, my view was obstructed for a few moments.

Duration of sighting may have been about 3 to 4 minutes, hard to tell, as I was rather stunned to see such a thing. I did not think it was an airplane, glider, helicopter, or any other object I had ever seen before.

Via Mufon.

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