UFO- Hennepin/Princeton, IL 1-28-2007

“I was driving a semi-tractor west on I-180, over the Illinois river on the Hennepin bridge. As I approached the crest of the bridge, I saw a huge pale, blood-red circle with the upper left part of the circle missing to the west, northwest. There is a large antenna in the same direction, and it was just to the right of the antenna. I observed it for about 20-25 seconds through the front windshield. If you were looking forward, you couldn’t miss it. As I drove down from the bridge, I entered the bottoms, a large wooded area, and lost sight. The object appeared to be somewhat high in the sky, but with the trees so close and all around, I couldn’t see it. I said to myself, was that the moon? What is it, a cloud? It was very strange, especially since I have driven over the bridge at all hours and all seasons, and never have I seen anything like it. So I stepped on the throttle to get up to the highlands to get another look. As I climbed a big hill when I leveled out, I saw it again out of my driver’s side window, this time I only saw the top of the circle with the missing upper left part. The rest of the circle, I presume, was obscured by trees. I was headed north at the time. I observed it for about 5 seconds this time before I was back in the trees. I was driving to the quad-cities, so I stepped on it again to get to Interstate 80 about 5 miles north, where the ground is flat to get another look. All the time, I was looking west, and I never saw it again. When I got to the farmlands, I looked again, and I never saw it. I got on I-80 westbound, I looked to the south, southwest, north, northwest, And I never saw it again. I looked the whole time I drove the 50 or 60 miles. It was a starry night without any clouds in the sky. Whatever I saw, it was huge. It reminded me of the harvest moon. It was also higher in the sky. I know if it was the moon, I should have been able to see it the 10 or 12 minutes it would take for me to get to westbound I-80. I know I saw something, what it was I don’t know. I am sure someone else must have seen it, because like I said it was huge, and you couldn’t miss it.”

Via Mufon.

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