UFO- Hennepin/Princeton, IL 1-28-2007

"I was driving a semi-tractor west on I-180, over the Illinois river on the Hennepin bridge. As I approached the crest of the bridge, I saw a huge pale, blood-red circle with the upper left part of the circle missing to the west, northwest. There is a large antenna in the same direction, and it … Continue reading UFO- Hennepin/Princeton, IL 1-28-2007

UFO – Princeton, IL 8-20-2016

"I was star gazing. There were some clouds in the sky ...the moon was bright and full ...I noticed there were only a few stars or planets visible. Just as I was observing this a bright white "planet" high above in the stratosphere came out of a cloud slowly and moved about 3-4" in my … Continue reading UFO – Princeton, IL 8-20-2016

Ghost investigators check history Bureau County house

9/11/2015 5:10:00 AM Ghost investigators check history Bureau County house Jennifer Spratt Bureau-Putnam Bureau Chief PRINCETON — Who you gonna call? GhostBusters — or maybe The Extreme Vision Paranormal group, a paranormal research group centered in Northern Illinois for the past six years.   That’s what Ray Wherzyn, who owns a home in rural Selby … Continue reading Ghost investigators check history Bureau County house