UFO Sighting. Princeton, IL 1973

June 14, 1973; Princeton, IL

UFOs were sighted by three young girls traveling Interstate 80, five ‘miles west of Princeton at approximately 3:38 a.m. State Police District 7 in Rock Island reported. The girls, ages 18 and 19, from Albany, N.Y., and Bristolville, Ohio, told investigating troopers that they had seen a silver, gray and black flying object emitting a green mellow light. The girls said that the object made several maneuvers in a rapid manner, and, prior to disappearing, two other objects were accompanying the first one. The girls said the object was flying in a southeast to northwest direction. Another traveler at the rest area, a Milwaukee man, allegedly photographed the objects with a high powered camera, but he had left the area before troopers arrived at the scene, troopers said. (Times, Ottaw, IL, Jun 15)


NICAP. “The 1973 UFO Chronology. A World-Wide Wave.” National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Web.  http://www.nicap.org/waves/1973fullrep.htm

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