Ottawa, IL 10-2-2021

Bright light moving toward NW moving at a high rate of speed.

If I were looking due north, the object would be at the 11 o’clock position! It was approximately 8:40 pm. The continuously bright lift did not dim or blink, it was a constant light!!! Cloud we’re rolling in from the west over The Southside of Ottawa!! Around 15 seconds the clouds were covering the light! I continued to scan the sky, looking north to south. The object was gone!

Via Mufon


One thought on “Ottawa, IL 10-2-2021

  1. On October 30 at sometime past 9:30 PM roughly . Several people and I were on the bridge over the I NM Canal Anna starve rock tour of town. Coming from the southern sky looking towards the east towards Ottawa we all observed a big flash of green red and it was surrounded with an outline of amber light fly across the sky over the Illinois river when what looked like could’ve crashed in the woods across the river near Dee Bennett Road. There was no sound at all. I’m estimating between myself there were at least five other witnesses that saw exactly what I did. At the same exact time somebody may have actually reported this this is on October 30. Oddly enough October 31 my friend and I are driving northbound on 78 pulled into the Casey’s gas station and I observed a large disc with a second one in a possible third in the distance hovering. Yes daytime sighting this time. I got photos and I see even on my dash camera haven’t looked at that footage yet. But what I have here is clearly no cloud since I was able to blow up the image and look at further detail at it you could see pretty much what the story tells you. If interested I’ll send you picture. Anyone wants to talk about Sasquatch in the area I have a lot to say about that as well. I spend an awful lot of time down near the starved rock area and south of there investigating in my field of research. We have observed many strange air anomalies at night that are definitely not airplanes or military aircraft. Many stories too many to tell now. Love to show you this photo because I don’t hoax! I don’t care for hoaxers.

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