UFO – Princeton, IL 8-20-2016

"I was star gazing. There were some clouds in the sky ...the moon was bright and full ...I noticed there were only a few stars or planets visible. Just as I was observing this a bright white "planet" high above in the stratosphere came out of a cloud slowly and moved about 3-4" in my … Continue reading UFO – Princeton, IL 8-20-2016

UFO Sighting. Princeton, IL 1973

June 14, 1973; Princeton, IL UFOs were sighted by three young girls traveling Interstate 80, five 'miles west of Princeton at approximately 3:38 a.m. State Police District 7 in Rock Island reported. The girls, ages 18 and 19, from Albany, N.Y., and Bristolville, Ohio, told investigating troopers that they had seen a silver, gray and … Continue reading UFO Sighting. Princeton, IL 1973