UFO – Tiskilwa, IL – 9-23-2010

“I previously reported a sighting which occurred on September 22, 2010, which commenced with a red light. However, a similar event took place the following evening, which this report describes. The important difference in this second sighting is the unusual effects on my camera and on the pictures taken of this second object. On the evening of on September 23, 2010, my dog began acting as he did on the 22nd (extremely concerned to go out), so we went outside at about 7:45 pm. This time, I took my binoculars and camera. In the west, without binoculars, I saw a dim red or orange light just above the tree line, which is a thousand feet away. I do not know the distance of the object from my position, but its size, when viewed, was about the size of a planet. I took 2 pictures (Sony cyber-shot 14.1, auto-set), then it just disappeared.

Once again, as soon as the light vanished, the dog behaved normally, no longer stared toward where the object had been (an action he also took on the 22nd) and was content to go back inside and remain there. At no other time has my dog acted in the manner that he did on these two nights. The effects on my camera and on the 2 pictures I took once downloaded were most unusual. From the camera playback, Picture One seemed just black. Picture Two seemed to show only low clouds lit up by the moon. When scrolling through the pictures on the camera, several times when the second picture should have been displayed, the camera has a blue screen that says ‘file error.’ Each time the pictures were viewed through the camera, the dates on these two were off by one day for the pictures taken on the 22nd (camera says 21st) and the 23rd (camera says 22nd). I downloaded the pictures immediately after taking them, and a very faint orange light could be seen on both pictures. When this first download was viewed the second time, the orange light had turned black; on the third viewing the object was dimmer, but still could be seen, but on the fourth viewing, the object was gone entirely. I then downloaded the pictures a second time, and only a black object could be seen on both pictures. When this second download was viewed a second time, the black object was dimmer but still could be seen. Upon the third viewing, the object was gone entirely. In these two downloads, the black object was in the same location where the orange object previously had been. The next day, I downloaded the pictures again, but no object could be seen on either picture. The background of these two pictures never varied in any download, only the color of the object and its subsequent disappearance. These events have been disturbing to me because at no other time has my camera malfunctioned in any manner, and never has an image of anything altered after download in any way.”

Via Mufon.

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