Owaneco, IL: UFO Sightings

Owaneco, IL: UFO Sightings

8/20/2005 – Shape: Oval;Duration:30 secs;

Large very bright oval object that appeared to the right, left then right.

I was driving my car north on the Stonington & Owaneco blacktop about 11:30am on a saturday morning. The weather was nice and the sky was clear. There were very few clouds. I was looking down the road when a very bright light drew my attention upward and to the right. A very big bright light, like a reflection of the sun from a mirror, appeared in the sky. I tried looking at it but it was like looking at the sun. I slowed the car down and stopped the car at a stop sign. I looked up again and it was still there but was smaller (less than half the size) and had moved to the left. It looked like it was farther away. You could look at it now without hurting your eyes. It was oval in size but almost as wide as long. The light was still bright but it vibrated. After about 8 seconds it appeared to the right and was alot smaller (again less than half the size). I did not see it move to the right, it just appeared. It seemed far away. After about 10 seconds it was gone. It could had been an airplane but it went from closeup to far away in just seconds. There was no noise. I had the windows down. It seemed to appear to the right, then appear to the left and then appear to the right without moving. I saw an airplane about 10 minutes later and it reflected the sun but wasn’t that bright and was a long oval shape. What I remember the most about it was the size was huge and it was very very bright.

Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/045/S45852.html

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