Oldest House in Taylorville

Oldest House in Taylorville 
Taylorville, IL 62568

Submitted by: saari_svitak

Location Description:     
I used to live in this house, and when we bought the old house we had no known knowledge of it ever being haunted. By living there a month everyone in our family of four had either seen an image of something or heard people talking. We put our newly revamped home on a “Christmas tour” (people come in your house say how pretty it is, and leave) we hosted a tea party during one of the days and a previous owner of the house had attended, she had asked if anything strange had happened as we answered “yes” a grim look came over her face. She went on to tell us that she lived in our house with her husband and his mother…one day he had called them upstairs to talk and as they reached the top of the stairs the man shot himself in the closet. I slept on the 2nd floor and in a loft bed so I was very close to the ceiling and at night just as you were to fall asleep there would be footsteps walking across the attic, a man talking stammering over and over. Of course no one in my family believed me so I procured a tape recorder and set it on my shelf in my bed as I slept, and sure enough I got everything on tape. Next morning I got up to shower w/out thinking about the recorder and as I walk out of the bathroom the tape recorder was gone. 2nd account, when you would sit watching tv, if you looked in the distance towards the laundry room (bottom floor is very large, and pretty open) there would be a figure standing in the doorway, he`d stand there for a few moments then he`d turn around and walk into the room. Back to the tape recorder. We moved out of the house maybe 5 years later and while taking out books of the inset bookcase downstairs I notice something jammed behind the books I pull the object out and sure enough it`s the damn tape recorder, so here was my proof I go to listen to it and the tape has been removed. No one else in my family knew about me getting the tape recorder, and when I told them about this they thought I was crazy.

Source: http://www.strangeusa.com

2 thoughts on “Oldest House in Taylorville

  1. is this house still standing?? I was born and raised in Taylorville, (Hewittville) across the tracks and have no idea what house this is.

  2. As far as I knew the oldest habital structure in taylorville is the big White House behind the breeze courier .it was built in 1865 .i lived there for 8 months in 2001. The oldest house in taylorville is the historical museum .it was built in 1855

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