Bigfoot Sighting, Auburn, Illinois

You can find me in a few Bigfoot groups dealing with Illinois. The following came from Stan Courtney in one of his groups. Do you know of any other information? Have you spotted such a creature in your area surrounding Auburn?

Hi Stan,– possible Bigfoot sighting this morning around 11am, just north of Auburn, Illinois. My son in law saw a very large dark upright thing walking down the railroad tracks behind his home, headed towards a wooded area that is next to the tracks at the back of his property. It was snowing, and the tracks are quite away from his home. He saw it from his kitchen and stepped outside for better look. He said it must have been quite large and was dark in color. He saw it for about 30 to 45 seconds or so and said it looked like it had long arms. Longer than a human.”


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