Kincaid, IL-The Field

Kincaid, IL (The Field)

The field

Submitted by Sierra D .

Well I live in Taylorville and sometimes i go to Kincaid to visit my grandma. Well My cousins Connor and Alex were over (By the way i’m 12 just so u know), and it wuz 1:00 in the morning . Well we were all outside playing a game. My brother Clayton and my two Cousins were on a team, they had a flashlight. So I was o a team with my Best Frieand Jennifer and we also had a flashlight . Well my grandma lives next to a cornfield and the storage sheds are across the road from us . We kinda live out in the middle of nowhere … kinda . Well we split up . Well when we got done counting we searched and searched for them . They were no where to be found . So my friend was like , ” Why don’t we go check in the field ? ” My mouth was open in shock . I told her , ” ARE YOU NUTZ !!!???!!! THE FIELD LEADS TO THE WOODS !!!! ” I actually started crying . I mean , hey , it was dark out . So i went into the field with her . Shaking to death of course . We split up .

She was so dark into the field that i coudln’t see her anymore . I started to get scared because i was hearing footsteps behind me . So i look behind me . Nobody there . Finally the noise came again . This time when i looked bak , I saw a women . She had blood all over her . I dropped my flashlight . She started to come towards me . And she had this scary voice . She said , ” Now child , You shouldn’t be out here alone ” I almost peed my pants . I started to run . I was screaming , ” HELP !!! JEN !!! O MY GOD !!! HELP ME !!! ” I heard Jen screaming , ” SIERRA !!! WHERE ARE YOU !!!???!!! ” Finally i got out of the field . Then next came out Jen . I hugged her to death and cried my eyes out . I told her what happend . What happend to Connor , Alex , and Clayton you say ? Well they tricked us . They went inside and fooled us . I never have gone bak into that field since !!!

Source: Ghost Mysteries Dated Jun 18 2007

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