Kincaid, IL-UFO

12/11/1997-Shape: Triangle;Duration:4-5 Seconds;

Triangular flash of 7 fast moving lights-speed of sound.

Silent, swift, fast moving triangular shaped 7 lights moving swiftly from South to North. Clear evening, temperature balmy 55 degreeF. Approx 9:30 PM and no clouds. Was stargazing with no binocculars or telescope and was to go in and saw lights coming towards me overhead. Passed quickly and followed and was in overhead Chicago 200 miles away in 4-5 seconds. Est speed 50 miles a second therfore 180,000 miles per hour. Saw no structure and could have been a dispersed meteor, but the parts never fell to the ground. The distance seperation of the 7 lights also did not vary. Immediately told and described to my Wife. Size: Cassiopeia sized Triangle, with esch light brightness of Sirius approx mag 4. White lights each one. Not blinding but bright. Impressed with the speed. No sound absolutely silent.


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