Hewitville, IL

Hewitville, IL
Sent in by Dawn.
Hello,I have been a Christian County resident for 30 years and live on the county side in Hewitville.My family has been involved in genelogical research and cemetary restoration for quite some time.Very few have been there,but one of the oldest cemetaries, in the state, is in Hewitville.Yes oldest.We have seen several orbs in the area and the spiritual activity is very high.There is a small access road to this cemetary however,most of the dead, died of mental illnes.When visitors leave the cemetary, some complain of unexplained visual/mental happenings see for yourself,your hair may turn grey too!!

Do you know the place the Dawn is talking about? If so, can you please let me know. Email me at tracie.hicks@hotmail.com or comment on this by clicking comment.

One thought on “Hewitville, IL

  1. is this the old cemetery up on the hill? across the railroad tracks, as kids we used to be able to walk thru Best’s field up to the cemetery. I had quite a few sightings as a teenager, in the summer I would have my bedroom window open that was right by the driveway, which had gravel on it, and you ALWAYS heard anyone walking or vehicles driving up the driveway, we also had the big light outside in the back yard. but anyway, at night I would be laying on my bed and would see “someone” walk past my bedroom window. the weird part was that I realized there was no sound of gravel crunching each time they walked by, nor did they turn their head or glance in my direction! they also had no defining features, just kind of like a blur, but they were not moving fast, this happened all thru my teens from 1960-1966 on a regular basis, and I did not feel at all scared or threatened at those times. so I mentioned it to my friend, Dick Whitehead when it first started, and we figured out that they were spirits traveling back to the old cemetery up on the hill. the reason we figured this, was because one night we camped out in the yard under the trees, and the “someone” walked up the driveway, past my bedroom window, straight thru the back yard, past the barn and over to the other road (where Dick lived) and continued toward where the cemetary is located. it was also strange that with all the dogs in the neighborhood that were always barking at anything that moved, not 1 dog barked when they passed thru. would love to know if this is the same cemetery Dawn is talking about. Hewittville is a very haunted little hamlet,

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