Palmer, IL from Megan

Anyway, I see the post you have on the Witch’s Bridge near Anderson’s Cemetery. I have a crazy story about that Bridge. I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near there again. Earlier this month, my cousin was up from Florida and we were talking about the paranormal and I decided to take him out to Anderson’s. I’d been out there a couple times before and didn’t think anything of it. Well it was around 3 in the morning and my cousin, two of my friends and I all went out there. Nothing special happened in the Cemetery, I got a little bit of smoke like lines on my camera, but that’s it. So, we went over to the bridge and drove over it, turned around at the other cemetery, and parked right in front of the bridge. My friend and I both thought we saw a dark shape darting through the woods, but dismissed it as an animal. We all just sat there and waited, though i wouldn’t let my other friend turn the car off  just because of a bad feeling i had. after a bit, my friend asked us if anyone thought to look behind us. so we all look back and see what we thought was smoke from the car about ten feet from us. We turned back a few seconds later because of an unsettling feeling we all had and we saw the white smokey thing again…this time you could clearly see a head, shoulders,and a long skirt..and it was five feet from the car and heading tword us at a fast pace. All of us screamed and took off like a bat out of hell, but as we were going up the incline tword the road, the car started to stall, and the white figure was still behind us. We pushed the car to it’s limits and it was fine and we got out of there fast. i put it on everything i love that i saw the witch from the bridge, and she didnt look too happy to see us. I wasn’t about to find out what she would have done if she got to the car. We all saw her, noone has ever said anything about seeing her so i thought this would be an interesting story for you.  -Megan

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