Morrisonville, Il UFO Sighting

Morrisonville, IL:

UFO Sighting 2009-01-20

Driving NE on rt 48 just about 3 miles southwest of Morrisonville, I saw an object to my left just ahead of me over a field, almost true north of me. It was twilight, not quite daylight. The object appeared as a ball of light about the size of a pencil eraser. It appeared to be somewhere around 1000 feet high. At first I thought it was a star. I really didn’t think much about it. But as I drove NE, the object appeared to get bigger and to be traveling straight east at a slow rate of speed. The further I drove, the closer it got to me. I thought that it would be over Morrisonville just about the time I was going through the town. The light was a solid amber light and as it got closer, I thought I saw a dark egg shaped structure beneath it. The light was on top. The light was solid and did not blink at all. Anyway, after observing it for a few miles, it just seemed to disappear. On moment there. The next moment nothing. Gone. It just vanished. I didn’t see it speed off. It just disappeared.

It blinked out just before I got to Morrisonville. It was disappointing to me because I was curious what it was and I thought I would get a close up view of it over Morrisonville. I wasn’t alarmed at all, I was just curious.

I drove by the spot on my way home this evening during daylight hours. When I approached the area where I had spotted it this morning, I looked all around for a microwave tower thinking that maybe I had observed one of them this morning. These towers have a solid light halfway up and a blinking light on the top. Even though I didn’t observe any tower structure underneath it this morning, I thought that maybe I could have still possibly seen a tower. But after scanning the area on my way home, I found that there was no towers anywhere around. So, I don’t know what I saw!


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