Stonington, IL UFO Sighting

Stonington, IL

UFO Sighting 1984-09-10

Friend and I were walking due south towards Old Stonington. We were about .5 miles north of Old Stonington when the object was first observed in the south-east sky. The object was observed as a result of being an unknown item in a vacant sky. The object appeared very distant (5+ miles), large, and light orange / red, but low to the ground. As we walked the object appeared rapidly moving closer and more bright. As we arrived at .2-.25 miles north of Old Stonington we stopped walking and observed the final approach of the object (we stopped and witnessed final approach for about 7-15 minutes). The object paused at its closest point and appeared to be within 300-500 ft from us at an angle between 25 and 45 up degrees from ground. The object was very large, larger than a house, estimating about the size of a football field. The shape of the object appeared to be symmetrical and oblong with a ratio of 3 high x 10 wide. It appeared that we were seeing the side of the object and maybe some of the bottom. Reddish orange lights were present in the center of the object (these lights had been clearly distinguishable well before we stopped walking). There was about 4-5 lights in the center of the object. The lights were in a horizontal line. The lights were not extremely bright and did not light the ground; but were large lights (not like a bulb, but rather a lit area). After about 5-10 minutes the center area appeared to open, like a door, opening from left to right. The center area was much brighter and whiter (faint orange). The opening and bright area was observed for about 2-5 minutes. This brighter light may have gave light to the ground and ourselves (although a specific beam of light was not observed). The light immediately went back to the 3-5 dimmer lights and the object was gone. It did not leave in a direction – it was just gone.

No sounds, vibrations, odd feelings, noises, airplanes, automobiles, or persons (other than me and friend) were observed during or immediately before or after the event.


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