Bigfoot Sighting between Morrisonville and Taylorville

Father and son have daylight sighting on Illinois Rt 48 near Taylorville YEAR: 2008 SEASON: Spring MONTH: May DATE: 5 STATE: Illinois COUNTY: Christian County LOCATION DETAILS: Near the South Fork of the Sangamon River bridge on Illinois Route 48, two miles southwest of Taylorville. NEAREST TOWN: Taylorville NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Route 48 OBSERVED: My dad and I were heading for Taylorville from Morrisonville when … Continue reading Bigfoot Sighting between Morrisonville and Taylorville

Morrisonville, Il UFO Sighting

Morrisonville, IL: UFO Sighting 2009-01-20 Driving NE on rt 48 just about 3 miles southwest of Morrisonville, I saw an object to my left just ahead of me over a field, almost true north of me. It was twilight, not quite daylight. The object appeared as a ball of light about the size of a … Continue reading Morrisonville, Il UFO Sighting