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One thing I miss is paranormal investigations. When I moved from Taylorville to Princeton, Illinois in 2014, I lost my research equipment. I would like to get new equipment and start again, that is if my body and mind will allow it.

You need to realize what is out there. There are many people out to give you a good scare or a prank. Others want to fool you to get off on it. Again, there are those who will do what it takes to get money and fame. Don’t let them discourage you from believing in others, who are genuine. Believe in people who want to help and document real paranormal activity and sightings.

Below are three “Your Thoughts.” Read them over and check out the links and videos. When you finish, come back and give me your thoughts in the comments below.

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Deerpark School Gets Loud and Messy at Night

A video showing a ghost haunting a hallway at a school in Cork, Ireland, went viral in October 2017. The school claims it as authentic. Closer to Halloween, the school uploaded another video where you can see the top of someone’s head when s/he pushes the bag off the top of the lockers. In February 2018, they upload yet another video, this time to their Facebook account.

The school claims it was from a Japanese group that stayed there and investigated the haunting. That was the last, no more uploads, why?

Buzzfeed, Snopes, and RJ Dub have debunked the original video. It also doesn’t help that the ghostly videos captured on their new surveillance cameras happened right before their FearPark Halloween fundraiser.

The school claims the videos are real, and it involved none of their students and faculty members. They claim they do not have the funds to edit or film that kind of fraudulent activity.

If you look at Deerpark’s website, you will see they have video capability in the curriculum. The school has classes in digital media, coding, information technology, design, and communication graphics. If you head over to their Twitter page, they show pictures and video from late November 2017 where the students are learning film studies.

Chances are, the school has what it needs to create videos and the knowledge to pull off those poltergeist activities shown in the previously posted videos.

Your Thoughts: Real or Hoax?

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Michigan Pastor and an Angel

Back in May 2018, Glen Thorman reported his motion sensor security camera at his home in Michigan captured an image of an Angel carrying a weapon. But, is it an Angel? Or, some other supernatural phenomenon? DDF Ghost Hunting says it is something else.

Chances are, it is a moth. Sorry, folks. That is not a weapon, but a light hitting the roof behind the truck. It is nothing more than an optical illusion.

Your thoughts: Optical Illusion or Real Angel?

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Huff Paranormal

Steve Huff, Huff Paranormal’s founder, has been doing paranormal research for eight years. He is a photographer and a blogger. He has invented The Portal, an application you can download to your smart devices. He also created The Wonder Box, which is his version of the Frank’s Box.  Mr. Huff states on his website, “Nothing I post here is fake, made up or drummed up from a crazy mind.”

Is Steve Huff’s communication with the dead the real deal? The Order of Magnitude – Paranormal & Personal says no. In his debunk video, he says he can prove Huff uses segments of audio and not real spirit communication. That is not all. A YouTube website popped up a year ago, Debunking Huff Paranormal. They claim Huff uses audio from YouTube videos and fakes his spirit communication. Yet, they only have two videos up within a years time.

The claim is Huff rigs his communication with the dead by using jump cuts to fit his purpose. The Order of Magnitude believes Steve Huff sold out. He states in a comment on Piggy Backers YouTube page, “He was legit and had good contact, but he wanted to make money.”

Steve Huff has videos on his YouTube channel claiming he has talked to Anthony Bourdain, Art Bell, Harry Houdini, Tom Petty and many other celebrities.

Your Thoughts: Is Huff Real or Fake?


Featured Photo by Guian Bolisay | FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

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