10 Real Life Ghostwriters

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‘Tis Halloween and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except a hoot from an owl. Peering into the window the owl did see, a ghostwriter sitting at a wooden desk in a candlelit room conveying with the deceased. The writer clicked on the recorder and whispered, “Please do tell, if you, oh spirit, is near?” With haste, the planchette raced across the wooden letter board. Each letter it landed upon the writer recited, “I. T. S. T. I. M. E. T. O. W. R. I. T. E. T. H. E. N. E. X. T. C. H. A. P. T. E. R. O. F. T. H. E. B. O. O. K.”

“It’s Time To Write The Next Chapter Of The Book”

Okay, it is a bad rhyme, but you get the point.

Per Dictionary, a ghostwriter is “a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.” That is correct, but in this instance, a ghostwriter is just that, a ghost. Many people used methods like the Ouija Board and automatic writing to contact the dead. In doing so, they claim they and the dead created works of art such as novels, poems, and plays.

I am leaving it up to you to decide if the people claiming to channel the dead are true or a hoax.

10. Marcia McMahon – Mastroddi

Princess Diana
Marcia McMahon-Mastroddi claims to channel Princess Diana. Photo by Paisley Scotland | Flickr

Marcia lives in my hometown of Taylorville, IL. I have met her many times. She has a Master of Arts degree in Art Education. Plus, she is a certified hypnotist, a Reiki Master, and an Angelic Intuitive.

She claims to channel Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Jesus, and John Lennon. It is through channeling the dead dictates to Marcia. Such dictated books are, Princess Diana’s Message of Peace, Princess Diana’s Message of Peace, an Extraordinary Message of Peace for our World (2nd edition), With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts, and Notes from John: Messages from Across the Universe.  

True or Hoax?

9. Velera Kurleto

Princess Diana
Velera Kurleto claims to have channeled Princess Diana. Photo By Rick via Wikimedia Commons

Velera claims she channeled Princess Diana between September 13 through October 18, 1997. During this time Princess Diana, through Velera Kuleto, wrote Channeled Letters from Princess Diana: The Queen of Hearts. According to Amazon, “All of these letters from Princess Diana were received by “spiritual dictation.” The author sits with a pad of paper and a pen in a deep state of meditation and writes according to what she received within her mind. The messages are always very clear. They do not go through her memory, and she has no recollection of what was told.”

True or Hoax?

8. David Young

The Beatles Rock Group
David Young claims to channel George Harrison and John Lennon. Photo by Skeeze | Pixabay

Books are not the only thing the deceased are writing. David Young is a musician. He creates meditation and healing music. But that is not all; he claims he channels George Harrison and John Lennon.

2010 was David’s first experience with George Harrison, and in 2014 John Lennon joined the group. David declares the deceased Beatles are guiding him with song lyrics.

True or Hoax?

7. Susan Lander

Ben Franklin
Susan Lander claims to channel Ben Franklin, among other celebrities. Photo by Michael Gray | Flickr

Susan Lander is an author, a lawyer, and a psychic medium. She alleges she has interviewed 22 spirits ranging from 600 B.C. to the present day. Her book is Conversations with History: Inspirations, Reflections, and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side. The decease celebrities she interviewed are:

  • Ben Franklin
  • Abbie Hoffman
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Andy Warhol
  • Farrah Fawcett
  • Betsy Ross
  • King Charlemagne
  • Gandhi
  • Albert Einstein
  • Henry Ford
  • Leni Riefenstahl
  • Nostradamus
  • Marie Laveau
  • Sapph
  • Dudley Moore
  • Walt Disney
  • Eva Peron
  • Louis Armstrong
  • John Belushi
  • Patrick Swayze
  • Steve Jobs
  • Kurt Vonnegut

True or Hoax?

6. Emily Grant Hutchings

Emily Grant Hutchings
Emily Grant Hutchings claims to have channeled Mark Twain. Photo By Kajiwara Photo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Emily Grant Hutchings, born in Hannibal, Missouri. Under the initials E.G.H. She wrote for the Sunday Globe-Democrat. She wrote Saturday Dinner Sketches under the pen name of Frank Harwin. Her poetry appeared in magazines – Current Literature, Cosmopolitan, Country Life, and many others.

She had one request, she must be alone when she was working. If anyone was in the home with her, she couldn’t write.

Her career as a journalist moved from writing from the living to writing from the dead. Emily Hutchings, along with psychic Lola Viola Rodenmayer Hays, and psychic researcher James Hervey told the publisher Reedy’s Mirror the tale, Jap Herron, is dictated by Mark Twain in 1915 via Ouija board. The novel was not the only story. According to Mysterious Universe, Mark Twain dictated two short stories – Daughter of Mars and Up the Furrow to Fortune.

True or Hoax?

5. Jane Roberts

Question Marks
Jane Roberts claims to channel an entity named Seth, Photo by Geralt | Pixabay

Jane Roberts used the Ouija board and trance-possession mediumship to reach out to an entity called Seth. She channeled this spirit from 1963 through 1984. Seth and Jane wrote over 26 books.

According to Seth Learning Center, “Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through the author Jane Roberts while she was in a trance, and coined the phrase “You Create Your Own Reality.” Seth’s empowering message literally launched the New Age movement.”

True or Hoax?

4. Mary Marecek


Photo by Internet Archive Book Images | Flickr

Mary Marecek claims she channeled Jane Roberts, who passed away in 1984. In her introduction in the book, Jane Roberts’ a View from the Other Side, all Mary did was to sit down with a pen and paper and say, “Okay Jane, if you want to talk, I’m listening.”

In Mary’s early sessions with Jane, they wrote three novels, Conversations with Jane, and St. Francis I, II, and III.

True or Hoax?

3. Thomas Cushman Buddington

Old book
Photo by Free-Photos | Pixabay

Thomas Cushman Buddington claims, via mediumship, he contacted the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate who perished in 363 CE. According to Britannica, Julian saw Christianity as his enemy and converted to Paganism in 361.

The Emperor dictated the book Historical Revelations of the Relation Existing Between Christianity and Paganism Since the Disintegration of the Roman Empire. Colby and Rich published the book in 1886.

True or Hoax?

2. Albert Houghton Pratt

O. Henry
O. Henry. Photo By The Project Gutenberg, | Wikimedia Commons

Albert Houghton Pratt claims he communicated with William Sydney Porter, A. K. A. O. Henry in 1917, via Ouija board. In the comments section of My Tussle with the Devil, and Other Stories, O. Henry told Pratt that, “letting your light so shine led me here—I desired to tell what I felt and knew, and sought an avenue; your beacon beckoned me, and your teacher abade me enter” (19). Henry used Pratt for his tales, “If you will lend me your pencil, most generous person, I may be able to say all I want” (21-22). He advised Pratt to start a magazine, The Sphinx.

True or Hoax?

1. Pearl Lenore Curran

Patience Worth
Pearl Curran claims to have channeled Patience Worth. Photo by Walter Franklin Prince [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Pearl Curran is the most notable of all the channeled people on this list. She claims she was in contact with a 263-year-old (give or take a few years) spirit Englishwoman named Patience Worth whom the natives killed when she arrived in America. Together they wrote poetry and novels.

Pearl Curran was a homemaker in 1913 in St. Louis, Missouri. She had little enthusiasm with the occult but dabbled with the Ouija board. Pearl had limited education and loved playing the piano.

Pearl would have tea with her mother and Emily Grant Hutchings. It was during this time they played with the Ouija board. At first, everything was gibberish. Then it happened, “Many moons ago I lived. Again, I come. Patience Worth is my name” moved across the board.

Per the Smithsonian, Patience dictated two original poems—about Russia and the Red Cross—in rapid succession, followed by a lyrical tribute to an editor friend. Braithwaite anthology listed five of her poems among the nation’s best published in 1917, and the New York Times hailed her first novel as a “feat of literary composition.”

With Pearl‘s limited education, how did she know the language, history, and subject matter written by Patience?

Did Pearl Curran rip Patience Worth from the story To Have and To Hold by Mary Johnston to use as she saw fit?

True or Hoax?

Questions to think about:


  • Did a fantasy-prone personality plague the writers?
  • Were these writings not from the dead, but from the subconscious?
  • Could these writers have multiple identities?


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