UFO-Edinburg, IL 2-3-2015

“About the same time almost every night when my husband gets home from work I’m out front waiting for him. I look for the Space Station at times. I started noticing these very bright lights in the sky. I didn’t think anything of them until I decided to take a few pictures. They look like white dots on the original, taken from my Android, I enhanced them this is when I noticed how strange they were. The first ones were shaped like squares, then one had bumps, then just weird shapes. The one picture looks like an arm. Weird. One night when my husband and I were pulling into the driveway, we were walking to the porch, and me being interested in these things, one flew right over our house, from the east to the west, quickly turned around shined bright lights where you really couldn’t see clearly, and it disappeared. These things were hanging around last summer but I was too worried about always seeing the Space Station and didn’t think anything of them until they moved closer in from where they use to sit over the field across from our house. They are here almost every night. I have pictures and videos from Feb 03 thru Feb 27, 2015. They interest me very much. I don’t stay outside too long and watch them it’s just too cold. I have more pictures then what I could post on here.”

via Mufon. Mufon has pictures and videos.

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