UFO-Edinburg, IL 2-3-2015

"About the same time almost every night when my husband gets home from work I'm out front waiting for him. I look for the Space Station at times. I started noticing these very bright lights in the sky. I didn't think anything of them until I decided to take a few pictures. They look like … Continue reading UFO-Edinburg, IL 2-3-2015

Edinburg, IL Body Recovered by “Witchcraft”

On August 17, 1932, people used an "old wives tale" to find a boy's body who drowned in the South Fork of the Sangamon River. They used his undershirt and dropped it into the river in the area where he went in. The shirt went thirty feet down the river and sank. There, the researchers … Continue reading Edinburg, IL Body Recovered by “Witchcraft”

Devil Worshipping Cult in Edinburg, IL

Associated Press news release. Rumors of animal sacrifices. Town meeting with local sheriff. High school teens are accused of being in a "Devil worshipping cult.  Edinburg, Christian County, IL Sept. 22, 1984 Source: http://books.google.com  "Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, September 23, 1984 Page AS Central Illinois. Devil cult rumors have town talking EDINBURG (AP) Devil worship might … Continue reading Devil Worshipping Cult in Edinburg, IL