UFO – Spring Valley 10-06-2015

“I stepped outside and was stargazing, in the Pegasus constellation I saw what appeared to be a green meteor, then a few seconds later saw what appeared to be a pulsating white-light star (not at regular intervals but seemingly randomly) then I called my girlfriend out to see it to have someone verify the sighting. We watched it for about a minute, in that time it moved downward and off to the right (east). We were facing approximately East-Northeast, a second star type object became brighter and following the same type of pattern. The first light stopped pulsating and went black and was no longer detectable, then the second seemed to remain constant and in the same location, watched for a few more minutes to see if anything further happened, went back inside, checked about 10 minutes later and saw aircraft in the general area and cloud-cover.”

Via Mufon.

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