UFO-Spring Valley, IL 12-12-2012

“I was heading outside to get something out of my car. I looked up and saw Venus in the eastern sky. I was admiring Venus when something lit up in the corner of my eye, basically directly above me but in the upper southern sky. I looked straight at the light, thinking it would be an airplane but then noticed the object was just sitting there not moving and making no noise and had a dimly flickering light on its underside. Then suddenly, the object completely lit up on its underside. I could make out the object being in a rectangular shape with the sides of the longer edges hanging down, and the bottoms of the edges that hung down were what lit up. It almost reminded me of when you’d walk into a classroom and turn on the florescent lights and how they would flicker a bit before coming all the way on. The light was yellow, and when it lit up very bright, I could see up inside of the object and could make out the lines of the frame and the shape of the object. But I couldn’t see any real details. It was not very far up there but also not right over me. It was fairly large and definitely looked like a manned aircraft.

As fast as the object lit up, the light then turned off, and I couldn’t see anything after that, I kept my focus close around that spot in hopes of seeing it’s darkened shape moving in whichever direction possible as well as Listened for any noise yet I didn’t hear or see anything. What I saw happened all in a matter of 5 seconds or so. I don’t think the object meant to light up when it did. I asked on Facebook the next day if anyone had seen what I had seen, and none of the couple of people who live nearby knew what I was talking about. The moment that I saw it and when the lights went out I felt very odd. I thought about it in the moment, and for some reason, it felt as if it were more of a military craft more so than an alien spaceship. But what giant military craft will just sit there not moving or making any noise? Most people I have talked to about it since then just think I’m crazy because I have been reading a lot about UFOs/conspiracy theories/aliens a lot around that time. But I know what I saw, and it was not an airplane as airplanes are always flying over this area and never once have I ever seen anything just sitting there.

Via Mufon.

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