LaSalle County, Illinois

Bigfoot 1983-2015 Sightings

Below are excerpts. Read the full reports at BFRO.

Motorist has daylight sighting near Marseilles

MONTH: August 12, 2015
NEAREST TOWN: Marseilles
OBSERVED: I was driving down Dupont Road, which is off at the Seneca Bridge to go under towards Marseilles, just before turning right onto Main Street. I saw something? All I know is I said, “What the hell is that.”it was yesterday Aug 12, 2015 at approx 11:20 a.m. Grayish tan in color 7 or 8 feet tall, long gaping strides while crossing the road. I know exactly the spot. I am a non-believer so this really is hard to take in.”

Hiker has daylight sighting in Buffalo Rock State Park

MONTH: October 10, 2014
LOCATION DETAILS: On the embankment of the frog effigy in Buffalo Rock State Park at the edge of the river.
NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Rt 34, Dee Bennett Road
OBSERVED: I was standing on the Frog Effigy at Buffalo Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois. I saw and heard the same big foot everybody else describes moving very fast and easily on the side of the steep embankment below the effigy toward the river. It made a crashing sound in the brush. I did not smell it or see its face. I only heard it and saw it from the side and back.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, dry, calm, around 12 pm”

Bow hunter sees an animal resembling a gorilla near Marseilles

MONTH: November 9, 2012
LOCATION DETAILS: Brookfield Township
NEAREST TOWN: Marseilles
OBSERVED: I was bow hunting 20 ft up in an oak tree and could see 1/4 miles in most directions. It was in the bottomlands of the Illinois River in the country. I heard a noise about 40 yards from me in the thicket and I figured it was a buck chasing a doe. A minute later a large gorilla looking creature appeared walking south to north at about 7am. He was about 7 feet tall and was dark brown. He stayed within the thicket, but saw him clearly for 20 seconds or so. The land is rich farmland full of deer, turkey, coyotes, raccoon, possum etc. There are creeks and the river. I believe the creature came from the pines, a very thick area and was heading for the river. It never said a word, it just kept moving. But my son has heard ‘sounds’ while hunting, but I have not.

Possible activity experienced by a family near Utica

DATE: 10/6/2012
LOCATION DETAILS: Near Matthiessen State Park.
OBSERVED: We were sitting around a campfire in our yard with our three dogs when we heard coyotes howling– nothing unusual. We see tracks and hear them frequently. The coyotes howled and were then joined by a lower, deeper howl. We assumed that it might be a wolf joining in the howling, but authorities deny there are wolves in Illinois, too. We are experienced outdoor people. We do a lot of hiking and outdoor activities. We frequently spend time in northern Wisconsin and have seen and heard wolves in the wild. This scared us so badly that we went back to the house. So, we didn’t see anything, just the vocalizations.
OTHER WITNESSES: There were 2 humans and 3 dogs
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 9 and 10 PM. Cold and clear.
ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, near the Vermilion River. The farmer next door has cattle. There is lots of wildlife in the area– coyotes, deer, and raccoons.”

Second nighttime sighting by motorcyclist north of Marseilles

MONTH: October 20, 2011
LOCATION DETAILS: South of Route 71 on Marseilles Blacktop (County Hwy 15) just past the second curve heading south.
NEAREST TOWN: Marseilles
NEAREST ROAD: Route 71 & County Hwy 15
Just this past week I had another sighting in the same area, just a bit further down the road. 
Again I was coming home from work on the motorcycle, it was about 2:30 a.m. I made my left turn onto Marseilles Blacktop off Route 71. 
Since my last sighting I take those curves much more slowly, and keep a good watch on the fields. I was coming around the second curve and I noticed a strange eye shine about 100ft ahead of me to my left (east side of the road). 
What caught my attention was the size, color, and height of the eyes. They were quite large, much larger than a deer, and yellow. There is a small hunting area on that side of the road that borders the corn. These eyes were right on the edge of the corn and the hunting field. This time I slowed down. 
As I got closer I could make out a large human-like figure, about a foot taller than the corn. It began walking slowly away from the road and turned its head and looked east. 
As I got even closer it looked back at me, then walked into the corn. This time around it did not make any sounds, nor did it seem too concerned about me.
CONDITIONS: clear night.
ENVIRONMENT: Fields surrounded by small woods near cornfields.”

Late night encounter by a motorcyclist outside of Marseilles

MONTH: July 18, 2011
LOCATION DETAILS: From Yorkville, take Illinois Rt 71 west, after you pass Norway go down the hill to Marseilles Road (County Highway 15), which you can only turn left (south). It took place at the height of the first curve.
NEAREST TOWN: Marseilles
NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Rt 71 & County Hwy 15
OBSERVED: I work nights, and was riding my motorcycle home (Marseilles, IL) from work. At about 1 am I turned from Illinois Rt 71 South onto Marseilles road.
Immediately after the turn there are 2 sharp curves in the road. I down shifted into 2nd gear as I approached the first curve. When down shifting my pipes become quite loud and often pop. As I began the turn in an instant I saw a large figure standing near the edge of the corn along side the road (to my right). Quickly it leaned slightly forward and made a loud higher pitched sound, almost like a scream, or a call. 
Looking back I would consider that perhaps my pipes scared it. This scream was incredibly loud and echoed, it was so close I honestly hit the throttle and started screaming myself. I came to the second curve, too scared to look in my mirror I took the curve a bit quick and briefly heard the scream again. In all honesty, I hit the throttle and didn’t look back.
CONDITIONS: Clear night, full moon. Calm winds.
ENVIRONMENT: Took place at the edge of a cornfield. Due east is a small hunting area that is wooded and has fields.”

Motorist has night-time sighting near bridge just south of Seneca

MONTH: February 24, 2011
LOCATION DETAILS: Intersection of Dupont Rd (County Highway 36) and Illinois Rt 170 just south of the new bridge at Seneca.
NEAREST ROAD: Dupont Rd (County Highway 36) and Illinois Rt 170
OBSERVED: Now I work at night and I travel across the River Rd to Marseilles the next town to the west.
The night of February 24th at or around 3 am while coming home, at the base of the new bridge to the south of the new intersection while making my turn with my bright lights in my 4×4 GMC Yukon (I mention this because it sits higher than an average car).
I came around to the stop sign and across the field, at fifty yards at a semi-fast pace, a large humanoid subject was observed moving east of myself and another individual who was traveling on Dupont Rd. The other driver stopped and asked me if I had seen a bear running just then and I responded that I didn’t think it was a bear. He chuckled, made a bigfoot reference and drove off. No name, no idea who he may be. I figured it was time for me to report it to maybe put some validity to the rumors and legends.
OTHER WITNESSES: One motorist.
ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, brushy, Illinois River.”

Woman recalls daylight sighting north of Marseilles

SEASON: Summer 1987
LOCATION DETAILS:  5A valley with creek. Steep bank on the west side of the creek.
NEAREST TOWN: Marseilles
OBSERVED: I have been watching your TV program for some time. I wondered if anyone in Illinois had seen something like me. This was about 20 years ago. I told my husband and others, but they laughed. So I never told the story again. Today, I came online, and I am blown away that some people around Marseilles have seen what I was. I have to think back on that year this was.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Afternoon, sunny, perfect day. My horses were going crazy. My dogs would not leave my side.”

Memory told of encounters on a farm near Ottawa

YEAR: Summers of 1980-1999
LOCATION DETAILS: Just when you go over the bridge in Ottawa, take Rt.71 to Starve Rock. After about, I say 5 or more miles, you will see off to the left a gravel road, and a sign for Caitlin Park. Take that road. From then up through to Deer Park School in the timbers you shouldn’t have a problem finding him.
NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Rt 71
OBSERVED: For as long as I can remember, in Deer Park Township, about a mile from Caitlin Park, just outside of Illinois State Starve Rock Park, on my grandparents land, who are now deceased. From the earliest I remember, from 1980 to 1999, it first started with my younger cousin Tony, about age 5 then, came running in the door out there on the farm, screaming about a hairy monster eating a rabbit. Grandparents raised rabbits and from time to time would find cages smashed and lil furrys ripped apart.
The night was the scariest time, none of us youngsters would go outside. The timber was too dark on the country roads. We would all gather around and hear loud walkin and branch breaking thru the night. Grandma found them big footprints. Well, since grandpa was Indian he says leave it alone never bother the hairy beast or shoot at him you’ll anger him, well one night I had to go outside, I was about 10 maybe 12 at that time, to take the food to the dog’s pen. All was quiet and dark and sure did smell bad. On the way back to the house just near the driveway right before the door I was stopped in my tracks. I was frozen with great fear. He smelled bad and eyes were red and dark and he was hairy. I didn’t scream I couldn’t move. He stood there and looked at me, bent down and stared right into my eyes. I shook, afraid to move, I whimpered. I can hear and feel the breathing and the smell.
My grandma came to the door to see what was taking so long she stood on the porch and gasped, he looked up and gracefully turned and walked away. After that no one was allowed out at night at all, but we would continue to hear him out there and smell him and see prints, and at times he would twist and rip the metal sheeting on the rabbit cages and other farm stuff. A human couldn’t even do that, kinda twisting bare hand on metal.
I’m 36 now and I often walk the trails of Starve Rock close to my grandparents old property in hopes of finding him again. I had only seen him two more times before..
Once when I was 13, out in the back timber by some cave. Wading in the water.
Once again at night when I was driving up the country road hill near Caitlin Park. I was about 25. He was crossing the road.
Starve Rock has been his home for many years, not too many people talk about him out there, guess they don’t wanna be bothered by reporters and people judging kind folks. So, if you are ever gonna search for him, I think that area would be a great place to look and, I would even be willing to show you a few spots.
ALSO NOTICED: Just would get real quiet before he comes and an aweful egg smell almost like a rotten egg or skunk smell
OTHER STORIES: Well, some campers had reported a sighting near Seneca, two towns over from Ottawa, and it was in the paper. I think in the year 2005 or so. I had only heard stories from other folks, friends of grandparents that lived in the same area out there. They have long since passed away.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: twice in a summer cool night and once on a nice fall day.
ENVIRONMENT: forest gravel roads and farms, small creeks not far from river.”

Fisherman recalls his possible nighttime sighting near Vermilionville

MONTH: July 1985
LOCATION DETAILS: Northwest of Vermilionville.
NEAREST TOWN: Vermilionville
OBSERVED: My friend said he was fishing at the Vermilion River, which is in central Illinois & flows into the Illinois River. Anyway, he was leaving after dark in his truck and his dog was running ahead of him on the dirt road about 50-100 yards out when he turned the bend looking for his dog he saw it and said it was huge at that point his dog b-lined it straight to the truck and jumped in.
I asked him if it was a bear even though there are no bears around here, I also asked if he got out to see what it was and he said he was scared so bad that they turned the truck the opposite direction & got out asap, this river valley is very remote with trees & of course no lights down there. The fact that he did not get out to see what it was surprised me, because my friend is one big dude prob. 6.7 250-300lbs.
I told him the ironic thing about this was that everyone else that has spotted bigfoot at the river prob. just saw him! He did not think that was very funny. Anyway, I’m not making this up, we have both hunt and fish, he was not looking for attention by telling me this.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10 p.m. clear
ENVIRONMENT: River, woods.”

Campers have lengthy nighttime encounter near Seneca

MONTH: July 1983
LOCATION DETAILS: This is on private land.
NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Route 6
OBSERVED: The following phone interview was conducted by Stan Courtney on the 13th of June, 2005. The witness does not have a computer or internet access so the information was entered with his permission. The first names of the two witnesses have been changed. Read the full interview here.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8:45 p.m – 1:00 a.m.

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  1. I am a Sasquatch Researcher who has been investigating the Starved Rock Area for thirteen years and I’m looking for more information about Caitlin Park and where the cave is. I have a large print I took a photo of by the picnic area near playground to prove and back this activity up with.

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