Ottawa, IL 11/4/2020

“My three neighbors and I were looking at the South sky when…

…a bright white glowing object came shooting across the sky from the west heading east at a slight upward angle. Right when it was pretty much even with us it then shot straight up and disappeared quickly. It made a 90 degree angle at such a high rate of speed.”

Via Mufon

One thought on “Ottawa, IL 11/4/2020

  1. Hi my name is Brian and I am a Sasquatch researcher and Illinois. I spend most of my time investigating theLa Sallecounty area and have been doing so for the past 13 years. I am here for anybody who has any story to tell me about the subject or anything strange going on in the woods or in the sky above the woods. Please reach out to me I am here with open ears! I can be reached at

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