Ottawa, IL UFO 9/19/2020

“I was on the east side of Ottawa and I saw something about the size of two cars side by side but it was a circle light moving so smoothly thru the air and I was like “cool” And then I was like “UFO” and I opened the back door to the porch called my friend out and I put my camera phone on the light, perfect white yellow circle light that when it was sitting still at first I thought it was a star out south in the sky but then I noticed it just go to a certain speed and didn’t seem like it changed height at all and I didn’t notice this until after I got mad at my friend for saying that it’s probly a drone for the weather company that does long distance reckon on the weather?!!?!

He’s the type of guy who has to be right ALL THE TIME, I tell him I understand and “oh i get it” all the time when I don’t agree or understand at all, kinda like his low flying weather drone doing around 600mph with no noise and just perfect flow like it was just a piece of a speed train on its course. I lost the light around Joliet I’d guess, I didn’t notice until after filming that large airplane(s) we’re flying overhead to mid way and O’hare and it seemed like the flying circular object was more than likely a disc uap (looks like it in video at one point)… I think they are using our planes flight plans to move around when needed and are/were so low that they were off any type of radar besides human eyes at night. 

There is no vehicle of that size that can be flown around so smooth so quiet/no noise, starting off chilling in the sky looking like a pleasant colored star that bc the light you don’t know if it’s really far away or in night sky on other side of town.. UNTIL IT DECIDES TO CRUSE 90-120 miles to Chicago.”

Via Mufon. Video.

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