“The Hotel Kaskaskia is an iconic Colonial Revival style brick building prominently situated in downtown LaSalle, Illinois.  Designed by Chicago architects Marshall & Fox, whose portfolio includes Chicago icons such as the Drake Hotel and the Blackstone Hotel. “–  Studio GWA.

“The Kaskaskia Hotel Group, a group of seven illustrious members of the Illinois Valley elite, started planning in 1912, broke ground in 1914, and opened the hotel the following September in 1915. Its Six Stories offered 107 guest rooms with many luxurious amenities some considered futuristic. It was the intention of everyone involved with the project that the hotel would set a new mark in the arrangement, construction, and equipment of modern hotels outside of metropolitan cities. This spirit and commitment propelled a blossoming community and its new hotel.” — KASKASKIA HOTEL

The original iteration of the hotel closed in 2001.

Ghost Quest states the hotel is “…haunted by a spirit of a young woman who committed suicide by jumping from a window on the top floor.” Illinois Haunted Houses added on, “Locals tell the story of a young woman who committed suicide my jumping from the top floor in the 1920’s, but some will say her boyfriend actually pushed her. Employees have heard the click of her heels in the halls, and the elevator has been known to work on its own. I have researched Newspapers.com for any information on this death and could not find any.” I have searched Newspaper.com for any deaths connected to the hotel. Unless I messed them, I did not find any.

Ghost Haunts states, “There is also a documented suicide that happened in 1948 when a woman jumped from the roof. Hotel employees often report hearing phantom footsteps in the hotel and an elevator that opens its doors when no-one has pressed the call button.” Below is the Newspaper.com article of the 1948 death.

Suicide in 1948

Studio GWA plans to restore the historic hotel with construction slated to begin in 2021.


What paranormal stories have you heard about the place?
Will the construction stir up the ghosts that linger there?

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