Taylorville, IL: Storm sirens

Taylorville, IL: Storm sirens Storm sirens over Taylorville Area scientists ponder unique, historic storm BY SCOTT MARUNA During heavy summer storms, central Illinois has been showered, at least metaphorically, with more than its share of cats and dogs. But once, in what must have been the most unusual downpour in this region’s history, it rained … Continue reading Taylorville, IL: Storm sirens

Taylorville, IL: UFO Sightings

Taylorville, IL: UFO Sightings April 9th, 1897-a airship was seen in Taylorville by Mrs. W.E. Andrews. I-Files By Jay Rath 7/15/1983: Shape: Disk;Duration:1-2 minutes; UFO SIGHTED UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL IN TAYLORVILLE, IL. While laying in bed watching the "Honeymooners" I began to hear a low-pitched humming noise that gradually grew louder. It was late, … Continue reading Taylorville, IL: UFO Sightings