UFO-Spring Valley, IL 12-12-2012

"I was heading outside to get something out of my car. I looked up and saw Venus in the eastern sky. I was admiring Venus when something lit up in the corner of my eye, basically directly above me but in the upper southern sky. I looked straight at the light, thinking it would be … Continue reading UFO-Spring Valley, IL 12-12-2012

UFO – Spring Valley 10-06-2015

"I stepped outside and was stargazing, in the Pegasus constellation I saw what appeared to be a green meteor, then a few seconds later saw what appeared to be a pulsating white-light star (not at regular intervals but seemingly randomly) then I called my girlfriend out to see it to have someone verify the sighting. … Continue reading UFO – Spring Valley 10-06-2015

UFO – Kincaid, IL 3-7-2017

"While driving back to Rt.104 between Taylorville and Kincaid. The [name omitted] driver passenger [name omitted], and granddaughter [name omitted]. Observed 3 objects hovering west over Kincaid and another object north of the group. No flashing lights were observed triangular in shape. No sound no movement watched Maybe five minutes they were gone. Everyone felt … Continue reading UFO – Kincaid, IL 3-7-2017