Ottawa, IL UFO 9/19/2020

"I was on the east side of Ottawa and I saw something about the size of two cars side by side but it was a circle light moving so smoothly thru the air and I was like “cool” And then I was like “UFO” and I opened the back door to the porch called my … Continue reading Ottawa, IL UFO 9/19/2020


Below is an excerpt from a co-worker at Coffee House Writers. Head on over to read the full article. " One man tells of his dog waking him up at 4 AM. This guy lives in rural Illinois and hears strange noises and activities all the time. When his dog acts up, he thinks his … Continue reading ILLINOIS WEREWOLF by VERONA JONES

Bigfoot – Edinburg March first,2013

Via BFRO YEAR: 2013 SEASON: Winter MONTH: March DATE: 4 STATE: Illinois COUNTY: Christian County LOCATION DETAILS: Witness requests no directions. NEAREST TOWN: Edinburg NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Rt 29 OBSERVED: I am writing this for my daughter. She was driving and came to a stop sign. This is a T road, so she has to turn left or right. Straight in front of her is … Continue reading Bigfoot – Edinburg March first,2013

Bigfoot – Edinburg – June 2012

Via BFRO YEAR: 2012 SEASON: Summer MONTH: June DATE: weekday STATE: Illinois COUNTY: Christian County NEAREST TOWN: Edinburg NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Rt 29 OBSERVED: My experience happened late June to early July of 2012. Rural Christian County. Between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. I was relaxing by the fire texting and listening to my ipod. Watching a few cars pass the house. To my left … Continue reading Bigfoot – Edinburg – June 2012