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“I was driving a semi-tractor west on I-180, over the Illinois river on the Hennepin bridge. As I approached the crest of the bridge, I saw a huge pale, blood-red circle with the upper left part of the circle missing to the west, northwest. There is a large antenna in the same direction, and it was just to the right of the antenna. I observed it for about 20-25 seconds through the front windshield. If you were looking forward, you couldn’t miss it. As I drove down from the bridge, I entered the bottoms, a large wooded area, and lost sight. The object appeared to be somewhat high in the sky, but with the trees so close and all around, I couldn’t see it. Continue reading

Date of sighting: Aug 9, 2007, approximately 11 PM

While standing outside facing south and looking up at the sky, I heard a loud roar over my right shoulder and turned to look. Out of nowhere, a triangle-shaped object appeared, and at the same time, the roar stopped. The object was completely silent for the duration of the sighting. It passed over a tree which was west of me by about 40 feet and north of me about 50 feet, and it cleared the 60-foot tree by about 30 feet. The sky was dark, though not black, and airplanes (with running lights on) could be easily seen flying at high altitudes. There were no planes at low altitudes. Continue reading

Date of sighting: Aug 11, 2007, approximately 9 PM

While standing outside on my back deck facing north, I noticed a cluster of round, white lights north/northeast of my position. From an outstretched arm, a dime would have easily covered it twice over. There were many lights in the cluster of varying sizes, perhaps dozens, but I could not determine an exact number. The cluster was very far away on the horizontal, perhaps hundreds of miles, and seemed very high in the sky and if you held your arm out at a 45-degree angle, it was higher. Continue reading